Aladdin tower with a distance of 17 meters north of the mosque is small and consists of two parts described below. The first part of the circular body to a height is 12 meters which constitute the principal part of the second part, which includes a large cone-shaped dome and a height of 54 meters and is located on the first episode.

680 years of building the tower. AH returns and some of the Khorezm Shah's tomb Sultan Aladdin. Style building, tower, a combination of Mughal architecture and the period of time that Aq. Qoyutlu and Ghare Qzyuonlu.

Aladdin tower building belonging to the Seljuk period "style of the Seljuk" Of course this style was started long ago, of course Samanids and found significant changes in the Seljuk era.

It is like the royal graves with no religious buildings but made in order to prevent the destruction of the body.

In these types of buildings are kept in the basement of the funeral and burial of Aghdam was less.

Aladdin Shrine tower