Historic mountain Taft city as the first mountains of the province in 78 years was registered in the national index, including historical and natural attractions is.

Mountain Ernan, Yazd is located at a distance of one hundred kilometers from the center of Yazd and its height of 840 meters and a range of 25 km. Limestone and gypsum rocks of the mountain and Tertiary sedimentary geology.

The vegetation is very diverse, dense and compact power supply for grazing animals and carnivores. In the absence of this mountain, 27 pieces of various dimensions on which the images carved stone was discovered.

These motifs include various types of antelope, deer, birds, humans, horses, donkeys, mules, and the bow and arrow and spear and mace to the naked human hand.

The bulk of these images there are two lines of writing in one of the "Name of God" and in the other two called "Mohammed" and "Mahmoud" package role.

Arnan historic mount