Naarin castle or Naranj castle the most important and most spectacular monument is the city Meybod.

The castle of the Parthian period and pre-Islamic monuments and the repair took place during Mozaffarian. Surrounding trench and tunnels under it sometimes stretches to a mile.

In 744 AH a war happened here between Al Mozaffar abd Choopanan.

The castle is built on seven floors and a total area of 3 hectares and has a fort are numerous and located on a hill dominating the city Meybod.

A legendary narrative also suggests that the castle was built at the time of Kioumars The first people came here through the water and the sea. Some people made it known Mahbod General Sasany-. Mahbod was  Ghobad and Anushirvan commanders. Near the castle stone and patterned ceramics obtained from the Elamite era that dates back more than 4,000 years old and that's why old building castles Elamite ziggurat, or temple is similar.

The castle is built entirely of mud brick.

Naarin castle
Naarin castle


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