The natural habitat with 13 thousand and 897 hectares of mountain ecosystems, hilly and plain, one of the country's natural beautiful landscapes allocated and the capacity of plant and animal biodiversity is very rich.

This area of plant geography Iran region - Turanian belongs to a wide range of herbaceous plants, shrubs and shrubs in itself.

One of the tallest mount in Chal Khatoon mountain is Siah sakht with 3000 meters high.
There are rare species and natural habitats exclusively on the unique characteristics of the region and covers the area of density of mountain steppe, grasses and medicinal species.

The natural habitat is also very rich in wildlife species such as it can be 'wild goat' ram ',' boar ',' wolf ',' Jackal ',' fox ',' porcupine ',' Rabbit 'and' rats' name. In this natural habitat as well as a variety of birds including the 'Golden Eagle', 'Starling', 'owl', 'Quebec' and 'grouse' live.

Chal khatoon prohibit hunting area