Temple Atashkuh in 12 km west of Delijan in Markazi province is located and belonging to Sassanid period. According greatness to the extent that is part of the world's top Zrdtshtyan fire temples.

Temple 5 km on the road Nimvar to Mahallat and near Atashkuh nimvar village is located and evidence to the fourth century AD was healthy.

Atashkuh fire temple on the hillside and along the river of the same name, built on an area of about 600 square meters, the building in the eastern part of 60.12 and 40.28 meters and its width is 25 meters to the west.

Total temple main hall of the 3rd section (East), West Hall and corridor formed. The main hall or the Eastern temples and prayer was probably the hearth and hall square, each side of the 60.12 meters in length.

The Hall has four solid columns of 70.2 in 70.2 meters and a height of six meters to the foot of the arch, which was built of stone and mortar dome and arches of the massive building on the four pillars.

Temple Atashkuh
Temple Atashkuh


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