Hanna hunting area located 30 km southeast of Semirom and 8 km north of the henna.

E515410 E514125 up area of 18750 hectares of which between east longitude and north latitude N311500 and N310330 has an average altitude of 2330 meters above the sea level.

The nearest area to the rural area of Islamabad (Mkhtarkhan Castle) is.

Natural landscape

Terrestrial ecosystems (mountain): This includes a series of high mountain ecosystems and long with deep channels and steep as the mountain (vessel Henna) is.

With several high peaks of 2956 meters height Qolehsang Rustam, Nafeh peak height of 2865 meters.


Access roads

Hana and mountainous border to the lake where there are two paths:

Semirom road to Hana: on the south side of the city Semirom narrow road with a length of 35 km to the town of Hana, which is branched off the main road along the lake at km 30 km to the East from which it is separated and after the bypass, lake Hanna's path to the city Abade.

Islamabad Semirom road: The road to the village of Hana town from the north of passes and linking Islamabad.


Wildlife animals

Land and aquatic wildlife, including animals that are remarkable diversity.


Mammals area

Altitude: Capra aegagrus.

In the foothills:  Ovis orientalis، Canis lupus،  Hyaena hyaena،  Canis aureus،  Vulpes vulpes  Martes foina.


Birds region

Birds land:  Alectoris chukar ،  Ammoperdix griseogularis ،  Coturnix coturnix  Lanius excubitor ،  Acrocephalus scipaceus ،  Posser domesticus  Corvus corone .

Waterfowls:Anas platyrhynchos ،  Anas crecca،  Fulica atra، Tadorna tadorna،  Tadorna ferruginea، Anser anser ،  Aythya ferina ،  Egretta alba، اEgretta garzetta،  Sterna sandvicensis ،  Larus genei، Calidris minuta،  Charadrius alexandrinus،  Phoenicopterus ruber،  Platalea leucorodia،  Himantopus himantopus،  Tringa ochropus،  Phalacrocorax carbo ، Haliaeetus albicilla Aquila chrysaetos .

Reptiles area

 Coluber ravergieri ، Cerastes cerastes ،  Psammophis schokari ، Natrix tessellata ،  Eryx jaculus 


Regional fish

 : Capaeta oculeata، Capaeta damascino، Chalcabernus mossolensis، Apoeta aculeat ، Chondrostoma regium، Barbus plebjus، Barbus laganarum .

 Oncorhynchus mrkiss، Oncorhynchus sp.

Prohibit hunting zone of Hanna
Prohibit hunting zone of Hanna