Arg Tabas (Kohan Dej) of the monuments of this city dating back more than 1,000 years ago is on.In some books for example Fotooh Albaldan it was written in 3 AH century referring to the fence or fortress in Tabas.
Naser Khosro visited Tabas in 444 AH and for 17 days was guest Amir Gilaki ebn Mohammad and in his travelogue describes Tabas and references as well as the security situation and there is a castle in Tabas.
The Citadel in history and at different levels of accidents and damage has been repaired so many times.One of the renovations in the year 1216 AH, which happened a few decades ago was an inscription on the facade of Arg installed in the poetry of the ancient citadel named Arg Tabas and the old expression.

Tabas Arg


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