Furk castle in the village the same name about 5 km from east of Birjand city in Darmian district is located. Birjand castles, were constructed in different periods. There are many mountainous areas makes the Ismaili sect in the region and to defend their castles and strong high in most areas of the city and other cities in South Khorasan and leave.

Later, the residents of this city still was not been enough comfort and luxury of the Mongol invasion and Turkmen were Afghans.

This historic castle was building Afshariye that Nader Shah time and was built by Mirza rafi Khan district ruler.

Inside the castle from East to West is space includes three parts. The first part: food storage location of the crew and the whereabouts of cattle.

The second part of military life guards and whereabouts of military supplies and the third part is the most important part of the castle has been home to the ruler and his entourage.

Furk castle