Natural cave "Ladiz" is surprising in a mountain village "Ladiz" functions of Zahedan city located 100 kilometers. every year, especially in summer, it draws many visitors.

The unique beauty of the cave in the desert region and the fourth highest mountain in the vicinity of the battalion and extensive capabilities to attract domestic and foreign tourists enjoyed nature.

In the heat above 40 degrees in summer this area, as in the cave Ladiz rain and the smell of damp, grass and flowers on the plain in front of it, to caress the soul and the human body.

Blue Grotto height "Ladiz" about 2.5 meters and a length of 15 meters and is the ultimate beauty.

In all the years of the roof and around the cave, large droplets of water that makes up the floor of a permanent water flow.

Ladiz waterfall in the village and within walking distance of Blue Cave "Ladiz" located so that it can be crossed on foot the distance.

Weather villages in the autumn, winter and early spring is pleasant and in the summer is warm and pleasant Ladiz river also passes north of the village.

Ladiz Village is neighborhood with Taftan volcano, creating beautiful landscapes and historical and natural places and every year, many climbers to climb to the roof of the South East of the country to the area as desired.

Access roads and paved the village and its beautiful natural phenomenon every summer hosts a number of domestic and foreign guests.

ourism and geographical position and history Ladiz position Ladiz village of functions Mirjaveh city of Zahedan, the geographical coordinates 61 degrees 19 minutes east longitude and 28 degrees 56 minutes north latitude, 25 kilometers southwest of the city is Mirjaveh.

Ladiz village 1200 meters above sea level and its climate is hot and dry.

Ladiz village
Ladiz village
Ladiz village
Ladiz village