Seb Castle is the most beautiful and safest fortress of the Islamic period, Sistan and Baluchestan, remains.

Including 27 monuments of which still survives. Castle Seb in the early twelfth century rule of the local governor called "King Dynarkhan" Great and his children in the surrounding region, "Seb and Soran" ruled.

Castle Seb on the screen of natural stone and low-lying cliffs with mud brick built in the twelfth century AH, and at the end of the thirteenth century, it was the last major changes.

Building castle set of fences and the main building is 23 meters in the village of Sib("Apple") is located 25 km south of West Saravan. The main building of the castle at the base, a rectangular 36 m * 25 m, was built on two floors.

Apple castle wall three meters high, 48 meters x 74 meters rectangular shape, around the castle Fragrfthast, and by Gholam Garde (especially local guards and shooting) inside the walls and four square towers at the four top fence protecting the castle.

Seb village