Oonar is a village 20 kilometers East of Meshgin Shahr in the village of early Islam to modern times, there are countless cultural monuments, including the castle Berber, Islamic cemetery (with rock and stone is raised in a variety of shapes and lines to the old name ), an ancient tree in the plane (plane) with more than 1200 years ago in the center of the village and several ancient hills.

Archaeological and historical village Oonar

1. tomb 's

2. Stone Column

3. Historical Cemetery

4. old plane

5. The berber castle

6. Mosque

7. Mosque Hazrat Ali

8. Mosque Ebrahim Abad

9. Qanbar hill (slaughterer Hill)

The hill north of the village, "Onur" Meshkinshar and about a mile from the road Meshkinshar - Ardabil is located and the first millennium BC is concerned.

Age: Parthian (Part) -Sasany-Islamic

Oonar village
Oonar village
Oonar village