Abrbekoh village 28 km from the northwestern city of Ardebil. The village of Ardabil and called on the people Aurabky.

It is no exaggeration to say that nature is unique Abr Bakuh village of Ardabil, unlike most villages in the area were flat in the valley is green.

Abr Bakuh remaining relatively pristine nature because no other town or city on the way there and the road that leads only to Abr Bakuh while the village itself is sparsely populated.

There are many springs in the area called Bolagh Abr Bakuh say.

The position of the springs in the villages. When you go around the village can be seen everywhere in the springs that boiled from the ground.

Abrbekoh last village at the end of the road, and then there Abr Bakuh another village along the road and overlooking the mountains and Mount Sabalan is Abrbekoh.

Village Abrbekoh
Village Abrbekoh