Bafq mount protect area in Yazd province N3145 to N3112 and E5540 to E5550 between northern latitude eastern longitude is located. Its area is 88 527 hectare.

Bafgh city 110 km southeast of Yazd city and protecy area 10 km northeast of bafq city is located.

This is the great mountain range of "Bishe darb Bahaba" till "Sang Ghassab mount" Located at the mouth"Panj derakht" in Yazd and Kerman border continue and a length of 70 km. Due to the geographical location and natural area for mountain range to the northwest - southeast drawn, Many roads in the northeast and the southwest region of the mountainous part are not cut and is therefore That connects both sides of the mountain that is the strong point for conservation area.

A total of 44 bird species in the protected area of the mountain Bafq birds from 22 families were identified and supported at national and international level in this area are 12 species.

So far identified 194 plant species in the protected area of the mountain Bafq of which 24 species have special conservation value, and 22 species are in the Red List of the World Conservation Union.

Although in some parts of the grazing area is habitat of major conflicts, but particularly high in the safe range area, the habitat integrity and lack of conflict is valuable feature of this area. The same integrity as well as the formation of a good population of animal species the cheetah population in the region has increased. Unfortunately, in the case of rodents, reptiles and their habitats in the protected area of the mountain Bafq little information is available.

20 species of mammals have been identified in this region that belong to six orders and eight families, of which 12 species as conservation priorities are presented in Iran and the world.

Mountain Bafq in the protected area, 16 species of reptiles have been identified, including a turtle species, nine species of lizards and snakes, of which six species of Mehmizdar tortoise and lizard species are protected desert priority.

Indicator species such as primates and rodents mountain Bafq protected area include:

Cheetah - Leopard - goats - sheep - Jabir - wolves - Jackal - King Fox - hyenas - Caracal - Lynx - porcupine - Hedgehog - Jared - gerbil – hare

Indicator species of birds protected area mountain Bafq:

Quebec - Tyhv - Houbara - plain Eagle - Golden Eagle - owl

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