Jajrom is a city in and the capital of Jajrom County, in North Khorasan Province, Iran.

Because of several historical and archeological sites Jajrom is one of the most attractive city in North Khorasan province. The city is placed on the border of Central Desert of Iran and has a unique vegetation. Jajrom is also known for its wildlife refuge which Iranian cheetah lives there. Jajrom has several bauxite mines and a plant is producing Alumina from bauxite.

Tourist Attractions:


Tepe Pahlavan is a prehistoric site near Jajrm city. Archaeological fieldworks in this site showed the richness of prehistoric culture in the region.o

petroglyphic site of Jorbat (This area is locally known as Sang Neveshteh or the "inscribed stone") to the north of the plain of Jajrom is one of the largest rock-art complexes of Iran. Ranging from late Bronze Age to the ethnographic period, the rock art imagery of Jorbat has close parallels both in petroglyphic sites of the Central plateau of Iran and the Central Asian steppes.